Референтни мониторни тонколони EVE Audio SC203 (2 бр.)


Малка стерео система от мониторни тонколони с широко и детайлно възпроизвеждане на звука – лесно транспортиране и многостранни връзки за универсална употреба във всяка възможна ситуация, от игри или домашно кино до студийно наблюдение.

When a small footprint – but a big sound! – is what you’re looking for, the SC203 becomes one of those few examples where small also means powerful. The SC203 is the perfect solution for professional desktops with a limited amount of physical space, and also for discerning home and gaming users. To further extend its flexibility, each speaker is provided with the FlexiPad, a rubberized pad that allows you to decouple the speaker from its base and angle it precisely at 0°, 7,5° or 15°. Accessories include our SC203 Mounting Adapter, which enables you to mount your speaker directly on any microphone or speaker stand that features a 3/8″ thread. Combining it with our threaded wall mount adapter it is possible to place your speaker directly on a wall. By placing the FlexiPad between the speaker and the mounting adapter you are further decoupling unwanted resonances, and can even better arrange orientation for upright positioning.

Tech talk

When using woofers in small desktop speakers, some special considerations have to be taken into account. To meet the demands of a precise reproduction in the low frequency region, we’ve developed a 3″ woofer coupled with a 1″ voice coil capable of handling a longer linear excursion. With a 16 mm-height voice coil, a linear, back and forth, swing of ±5mm is easily achieved. However, this requires an appropriate multilayer paper membrane material that is capable of withstanding such rigorous use while maintaining consistency. After numerous careful tests, coated paper turned out to be the very best solution in order to meet this demand for low resonance, stability and transmission linearity. From then on, the entire construction design met all the necessary requirements that such small woofers usually entail, including having a chassis basket permeable to air in order to minimize distortions. The large driver magnet works as a powerful „engine“ so as to keep the woofer stable, even in border areas. A passive radiator – which you could simply think of as a passive speaker that moves through the force of air – located at the backside of the SC203, reinforces the reproduction of low frequencies and allows the speaker response to go down as low as an impressive 62Hz (-3dB) with very low distortion. Each SC203 setup is configured as a 2-way master-slave system, and features four power amplifiers. Each woofer and tweeter gets its own dedicated 30W PWM amplifier with separate filter section for precise control. And for optimal connectivity, the SC203 houses three inputs – analog RCA, digital optical and USB – which will allow you to conveniently connect a wide range of sources. Furthermore, a volume controlled subwoofer output lets you connect an additional subwoofer (TS107 und TS108) to the master speaker and create a powerful 2.1 system. A DIP switch located at the speaker’s back panel allows you to select the SC203’s to work as „satellites“ from 80Hz and upwards, or as a full range units.

  • Dimensions (WxHxD) [mm]: 116 x 190 x 134
  • Free-field frequency range (-3dB): 62Hz – 21kHz
  • Tweeter: µA.M.T.
  • Woofer: 75mm/3″
  • Max SPL per pair: 104dBspl
  • Output power (woofer): 30W
  • Output power (tweeter): 30W
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EVE Audio SC203


2 години.

За производителя

EVE Audio е основана през месец май 2011 г. в Берлин, Германия и производител на професионални студийни монитори. Тя е собственост на Roland Stenz, който е с богата история в аудио индустрията. Търговска марка, която е обща за всички студийни монитори на EVE Audio, е допълнително развитата технология на Air Motion Transformer, която е различна от всички други подобни продукти, налични на пазара.

Код: 12078 Налично
960,00 лв.
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