• Plug everything into one interface – your computers and iOS devices, high-res audio, MIDI, USB, mics, instruments, speakers, headphones… the iConnectAUDIO4+ integrates it all seamlessly. And it sounds amazing. From iConnectivity comes the world’s first audio and MIDI interface to support multiple iOS/Windows/Mac OS computers at the same time.
    495,00 лв.
  • mio is a 1 in 1 out USB 16 channel MIDI interface to connect your MIDI compatible controller, keyboard, synthesizer, or drum machine to your computer. mio is USB bus powered and is plug and play compatible with Windows and Mac computers.
    48,00 лв.
  • mio2™ belongs in every music creator’s MIDI arsenal. It’s a powerful little interface to connect your MIDI gear and/or computers. Share MIDI between two computers and two MIDI devices at the same time! It can also work stand-alone. Filter, merge, remap MIDI with computers or without.
    120,00 лв.
  • Introducing iRig MIDI 2, the first Lightning/USB compatible mobile MIDI interface that works with all generations of iOS devices, Android.

    165,00 лв.
  • Bespeco USB-MIDI interface is the perfect solution for any kind of musician. The interface is equipped with MIDI 1-In/1-Out and LED bulb for MIDI I/O.
    53,00 лв.
  • iConnectivity mioXC is a pocket-sized powerhouse! mioXC is a fuss-free and simple 1×1, 16 channel MIDI interface you can use to connect your MIDI compatible gear.
    89,00 лв.
  • With mioXM™ it’s never been easier to get all of your MIDI gear talking to each other.
    443,00 лв.
  • iConnectMIDI1 is a 1 in 1 out USB or iOS 16 channel MIDI interface to connect your MIDI compatible controller, keyboard, synthesizer, or drum machine to your computer or iOS device.
    79,00 лв.
  • Connectivity mioXL is our flagship MIDI power-house, packed full with our very best technology and innovations. With mioXL™ it’s never been easier to get huge amounts of MIDI gear connected and talking to each other. Harness the power of our advanced computer and network connectivity and experience why mioXL redefines what a flagship MIDI interface can and should do.
    709,00 лв.
  • USB MIDI, 5 pin MIDI Din, network MIDI, and MIDI between computers, it’s all here! iConnectivity mio4 lets you overcome your MIDI connection problems. Only iConnectivity brings you this much power and flexibility in a MIDI interface. Work with two computers at the same time! (Or one, or several more over the network, or use it stand-alone.)
    259,00 лв.
  • iConnectivity ConnectAUDIO2/4 – easy to use, ultra-sturdy, 2-input/4-output professional audio and MIDI interface for MacOS, Windows, Linux, and iOS. Whether you’re a guitarist, singer-songwriter, electronic musician, producer, or DJ, this studio-quality interface handles everything you can throw at it – just connect your mics, instruments, synths, and MIDI gear, and start creating. It’s fast and easy to use – you control all its features directly from the touch-sensitive front panel, with no extra control software required.
    267,00 лв.