Референтна мониторна тонколона EVE Audio SC4070 (1 бр.)


No compromise and tec award winning studio monitor sets benchmark for versatility and utmost clarity in sound reproduction — eye catching rotatable mid/high section for vertical and horizontal placements.
A new level of sound balance, precision and a surprising reproduction of bass frequencies is what our SC4070 delivers with absolute ease.

The SC4070 active studio monitor supersedes SC407 but continues to build on its predecessor, further redefining expected levels of sonic performance and accuracy for this truly world-class no-compromise monitoring system.
SC4070 features an advanced tweeter/mid range section and enhances the capability to reproduce low frequencies with two 6,5“ woofers connected to a very powerful amplifier array. Twin woofers allow reducing distortion even on high SPL and deliver an incredible tight and homogenous bass reproduction and very linear overall response. These 4-way monitors are symmetrically designed. The eye catching central and massive silver aluminium plate is more than just an attractive design characteristic. It not only houses the midrange woofer and AMT tweeter but is rotatable to make the monitors equally suitable for vertical or horizontal positioning. Room adaption filters and volume control are accessible via SMART-knob with LED ring to indicate all settings with outmost precision.
A sophisticated cabinet completes the sleek design. The bevelled and ultra-stiff front plate reduces unwanted resonances and diffraction. Our 4-way monitoring system SC4070 features two 6.5″ SilverCone woofers with a specially made 1.5” voice coil to extend the bass frequency response down to 32Hz. Both woofers work simultaneously up to 280Hz. An especially developed 4″ SilverCone midrange unit joins these high quality bass drivers that endows these speakers with a greater linear excursion and clear and accurate midrange. The bass and mid woofers in our SC4070 feature our very low distortion copper cap magnet system. The combination of our unique glass fibre coated diaphragm and a very stiff but light honeycomb structure reproduces sound spectacularly detailed and clear. Our proprietary Air Motion Transformer AMT RS3.1 completes SC4070. The core of those AMT tweeters is a folded membrane that works in a powerful magnetic field of a large neodymium magnet. Due to design changes like new materials, improved inner damping construction and a more efficient magnet field SC4070 delivers a higher sound pressure level with virtually no distortion even at high output levels. This AMT RS3.1 can achieve to reproduce a frequency response up to 40 kHz. Each chassis in SC4070 is fitted with its own PWM amplifier for total short-term output power of 1000 W. With a max output level of 126dB (SPL @ 1m, half space, pair) mixes can be judged precisely, whatever their intended output level is. The SC4070 combines perfectly powerful bass with very transparent midrange and crystal clear but silky-smooth high frequencies and is predestined to be the perfect work piece for mid to large size control rooms where quality and consistent power output are important variables.  As with every other EVE Audio studio monitor you get both balanced XLR input and unbalanced RCA input for greater convenience.

  • Dimensions (WxHxD) [mm]: 425 x 180 x 250
  • Free-field frequency range (-3dB): 50Hz – 21kHz
  • Tweeter: AMT RS3
  • Mid-Woofer: 130mm/5″
  • Woofer: 130mm/5″
  • Max SPL per pair: 118dBspl
  • Output power (woofer): 2 x 150W
  • Output power (tweeter): 50W
  • Sales unit: 1 piece

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2 години.

За производителя

EVE Audio е основана през месец май 2011 г. в Берлин, Германия и производител на професионални студийни монитори. Тя е собственост на Roland Stenz, който е с богата история в аудио индустрията. Търговска марка, която е обща за всички студийни монитори на EVE Audio, е допълнително развитата технология на Air Motion Transformer, която е различна от всички други подобни продукти, налични на пазара.

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