Аудио софтуер Steinberg Nuendo (Latest version)


What Is Nuendo

As the most advanced audio post-production solution available, Nuendo is the choice of film, TV, game audio and immersive sound industry professionals worldwide. Ever since its initial release, Nuendo has been a vital tool in creating the soundtrack to many high-profile productions, products and installations. Regular updates with new features, workflow improvements and additional, user-requested functions mean that Nuendo constantly exceeds the expectations of an audio workstation dedicated to audio post, with high end — often unique — capabilities that continue an ongoing revolution in audio and media production software.

Audio MIDI Sequencer (DAW)
  • Professional audio workstation with a focus on post-production, film scoring, commercial production, game audio, multimedia productions as well as composing and arranging
  • Unlimited number of audio, MIDI and instrument tracks, 256 group channels, 8 send and 64 return channels as well as 2 video tracks
  • Up to 256 physical inputs and outputs
  • Up to 16 insert effects per channel as well as up to 64 track-independent VST instruments
  • Audio engine with 64-bit floating-point processing and up to 384 kHz sample rate
  • Extensive dialogue editing tools such as AI-controlled dialogue recognition with noise elimination, seamless auto-align post support, audio alignment to multiple clips, etc.
  • Numerous functions for professional dialogue recording with ADR-Taker, video overlay, take lists and script editing, Netflix TTAL import and export, EdiCue connection, ADR-API, Foley recording, etc.
  • ADM authoring module and integrated renderer for Dolby Atmos as well as Dolby Atmos support with up to 118 audio objects and 64 beds
  • Many additional features for post-production such as Auro-3D, AES31 and MXF(audio) support, ADM import and export, Netflix Loudness Meter, Intelligibility Meter, loudness measurement and editing, video editing detection ReConforming, etc.
  • Special functions for game dubbing with Game Audio Connect, Wwise support and Game Sound FX
  • Immersive mixing with Sound Particles Space Controller OSC support, Headphones Match with compensation curves for over 380 headphone models, Dolby Atmos setup assistant, binaural downmix for Dolby Atmos renderers, sample-accurate volume automation and up to 22.2 surround support
  • dearVR Spatial Connect support for creating and mixing immersive 3D audio directly in the VR environment
  • Phase-coherent AudioWarp function with direct editing in the project window
  • Multiple metering options with supervision, loudness meters, etc.
  • MixConsole with its own history, snapshots, direct routing, up to three windows and integrated channel strip
  • Four virtual instruments with over 3000 sounds as well as 18 MIDI and 88 audio effects
  • FX Modulator for lively multi-effects
  • Advanced MIDI remote integration
  • Audio-to-MIDI chord recognition with drag and drop support
  • VariAudio with Scale Assistant facilitates pitch corrections
  • Various tools such as Project Browser, Track Archives, Chord Track, Chord Pads, Tempo and Time Signature Track, Time Warp, TrackVersion, Note Expressions, Expression Maps and Sampler Track
  • Features Logical, Key, Note, List and Drum Editors as well as MPE support and professional functions for score layout and score printing
  • Support for Music XML, AAF and OMF files
  • Steinberg Licensing allows activation without eLicenser
  • Language support: English, German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian

Note: Software licence without data carrier, download required – no installation media included!

System requirements:
  • Version: 12
  • Delivery form: Box without data carrier
  • Licence validity: Unlimited
  • Copy protection: Online activation
  • Simultaneous activations: 3
  • Windows: from 10 (64-bit)
  • Mac OS (64-bit): from 11
  • CPU minimum: Intel Core i5
  • RAM minimum (GB): 8
  • Hard disk space minimum (GB): 36 GB
  • Display: 1440 x 900
  • Additional system requirements: Internet connection for installation and activation, ASIO-comp. audio interface (Windows)

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За производителя

Steinberg Gmbh е немска компания основана през 1984г. oт Карл Стайнберг и Манфред Рюруп в град Хамбург. Тя проектира и произвежда софтуер за звукозапис, аранжиране и редактиране, звукови карти и контролери. Първият им продукт е MIDI секвенсера Steinberg Pro 16 за Commodore 64. Компанията променя името си от Steinberg Research на Steinberg Soft – und Hardware GmbH, а няколко години извършва дейност в САЩ и под името Steinberg North America, Inc. През януари 2003г. е купена от американската фирма Pinnacle Systems в рамките на която действа, като независима компания, произвеждаща своите продукти, преди да бъде продадена на Yamaha през декември 2004г. Откакто е основана през 1984 г., Steinberg постоянно преминава границите на възможностите на дигиталния звук. Революционните технологии на Steinberg предлагат гъвкави, достъпни като цена и интуитивни начини за реализирането на вашия пълен творчески и професионален потенциал.

Код: 11528 Налично
1900,00 лв.
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