Микрофон RODE NTG4


NTG4 is the latest short shotgun from Rode, which features digital controls, rechargeable lithium battery and improved sound quality. It is positioned in between the classic but inexpensive NTG2 and professional NTG3. However, in terms of price, it still fits into the entry category, so consider it a very good investment! The usage is a total breeze, and believe it or not, it won’t leave you indifferent. Whether you are a professional or just a beginner, NTG4 has all you need to accomplish most of your videography tasks …with a solid A! Frequency response is another very important factor that determines how natural will a certain mic sound (but of course it’s not the sole factor). Plotted on a diagram, it shows a deviation measured in dB throughout the mic’s nominal frequency range. As a rule, we want to see a smooth line because any abrupt deviation could signify an anomaly. A flat line means a neutral response or an uncolored sound, and for shotguns it generally works best. However, small bumps of up to 2 dB can be considered insignificant especially if they occur above the upper midrange.

Towards the bottom end starting from 200 Hz, NTG4+ smoothly drops a couple dBs and that’s a good thing, as that range usually contains nothing but noise, to which line mics are especially sensitive. Throughout the whole midrange, which is the most important part, it is quite steady and unbiased. At 7 kHz, we can clearly see a small droop that could result in reduced presence, and yet the amplitude is not significant. Finally, towards 10 kHz the levels get back to normal. Personally, I love the curve of MKE 600 better but honestly, there is nothing wrong with NTG4 either. With a high frequency boost, you can fully compensate that small droop and give it a bit of presence and sparkle, which are there by default in MKE 600 and NTG2. This feature is quite gentle and yet still, even the dullest sound it can bring back to life. I usually have it on when miking indoors and off when outdoors as too much presence can be tiring. The NTG4 builds on the platform created by RØDE’s award-winning NTG1 shotgun microphone. A broadcast-quality directional condenser microphone designed to provide premium audio recording in a versatile range of applications including on-camera and boom mounted.

Intuitive Digital Switchng
Control the in-built high-pass filter, pad and high frequency boost using convenient digital switching on the microphone body. Persistent states ensure your settings are retained when the microphone is switched off.
Internal Battery (NTG4+)
Provides 150+ hours of operation from with a charge time of only two hours. The included MicroUSB cable makes charging simple and convenient, meaning the mic can be charged via a computer, power-brick or even your car.
Super Low-Noise
The NTG4 & NTG4+ both feature an all-new condenser capsule from RØDE with low noise floor, higher sensitivity and a rich, smooth character.
  • Broadcast sound quality
  • Low noise circuitry
  • Rugged metal construction
  • Convenient digital switching
  • High Frequency Boost
  • High Pass Filter (Flat/75Hz)
  • PAD (-10db)
  • 10 year extended warranty when you register your microphone

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В кутията
  • NTG4 – Directional Condenser Microphone
  • RM5 – Durable Microphone Clip
  • ZP1 – Padded Zip Pouch
  • Windshield – Windshield for NTG4 and NTG4+

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За производителя

Røde е австралийска компания, създадена още през 1967 година, но под името Freedman Electronics. Тя е специализирана в производството на микрофони, аксесоари и музикален софтуер, които се използват предимно в студиа, концерти и в броудкаст индустрията. Хората, които изпозват продуктите на Rode характеризират марката с чист тон, топлота на звука, изтински, надеждни. Røde са носители на редица награди, последната е за продукта им VideoMic Pro, той e носител на престижната награда за най-добър дизайн, от комисия с представители на BMW, Samsung, Mercedes-Benz на Australian International Design Awards. Røde са истински професионалисти във всеки аспект, освен прецизния и солиден дизайн, получавате 10 годишна гаранция (за някои продукти) ако се регистрирате в техния сайт, че сте закупили съответния продукт. Røde се произвеждат и сглобяват в Австралия.

Код: 4655 Налично
496,00 лв.
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